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How To Become A Rockstar Photographer Podcast - Learn Concert Photography from the best Photographers On This Planet

Feb 27, 2018

Let me introduce my guest for today: Mr. Brian Rasic.

Born in Yugoslavia, Brian began his career photographing local acts, and touring bands from abroad, in his hometown of Belgrade in the early seventies. He moved to London in 1979 and over the years has trained his lens on artists from every genre of popular music,...

Feb 20, 2018

Today’s guest is someone who is living the Rockstar life. Let me introduce you to Mr. David Bergman, the official tour photographer of Bon Jovi.

We’ll talk about his crazy schedule when he is on tour with the band, why being persistent and knowing exactly what you want is the key to success and why his...

Feb 13, 2018

Today's guest is Kyser Lough, a music photographer and Ph.D. student in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

What made this interview so fascinating for me was that Kyser is the first one I know of who wrote 2 research-based papers in the field of concert photography. And as he told me there is...

Feb 6, 2018

Today's guest is the Swedish musician Stefan Bratt. He is the founding members of one of my favorite bands, Atlas Losing Grip and he recently joined the punk rock legends of No Fun At All.

In this interview will we talk about how to deal with self-doubts and how to survive the music business as a musician, Stefan will...