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How To Become A Rockstar Photographer Podcast - Learn Concert Photography from the best Photographers On This Planet

Sep 26, 2017

My guest in this episode is Brooklyn based portrait and music photographer Ebru Yildiz.

Ebru will talk about her approach when she is shooting portraits and I can guarantee you, it´s great stuff and you`ll learn a lot from her. She will give us a

She will give us a behind the scenes look at her book „We´ve come so far“, a project where Ebru was working and shooting concerts for 75 days in a row! When I first heard about it, I couldn´t believe it.

Imagine shooting concerts for 75 days in a row without any break. This is crazy and therefore I love this interview so much because Ebrus story shows what you can reach in life when you´re passionate about a project and you pour in the hours.

We will also discuss how to self-publish a photo book (a topic that I also discussed with Alexander Hallag in Episode 6) and we will show you which strategies work best.